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Jackson Product Liability Lawyers

Faulty Products And Fires

It could be faulty wiring in a toaster, or a poorly made cable in a car engine. When a faulty product bursts into flames and causes burn injuries or electrical shock, the manufacturer or the company that supplied parts to make the product may be at fault. The Jackson product liability attorneys at Rocky Wilkins Law Firm can help.

We took Hasbro to court after a young Mississippi girl had to go to the hospital to get her hand freed from her Easy-Bake Oven. It was one of many lawsuits that caused the toy maker to recall the product.

The Dangers Of Cellphone Towers

As cellphone use proliferates, so does the construction of cell towers. Unfortunately, worker falls from cell towers are also increasing. Some of these falls can be attributed to faulty equipment such as the mounting brackets workers use to secure their safety chains when climbing the towers. Attorneys at Rocky Wilkins Law Firm are experienced in product liability suits involving cell tower falls.

People Are At Fault, Too

It's not just the products that pose fire hazards or safety concerns. It's human activity, too. When we examine product liability cases, we also look at the property owner (Are workers following OSHA regulations? Have they received safety training?), contractors, subcontractors, product manufacturers and people who make safety equipment. Any or all could be held liable for your injuries.

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