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Jackson Premises Liability Attorneys

Premises Liability Suits: Collecting From The Property Owner

The parking lot is dimly lit. You're in the wrong place at the wrong time. A local low-life hits you and steals your car, or worse, sexually assaults you. Can you sue the parking lot owner? Yes. Incidents like these happen in Jackson, Mississippi. The attorneys at Rocky Wilkins Law Firm are experienced premises liability litigators.

Negligent Security Cases

Shop owners have a responsibility to protect their customers from being hurt on their property, whether it's a matter of keeping ladders in a place that shoppers can't get to them, or helping customers take their groceries to the car late at night. It's just good business sense. One of our clients lost an eye when a purse-snatcher jumped her in a poorly lit parking lot. She was awarded damages of $2.5 million.

Sexual Assault Cases

As Jackson premises liability lawyers, we sometimes get involved in sexual assault cases. Because of our efforts, the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed lower court's ruling in a sexual assault case. The rape victim was allowed to sue her assailant.

Don't Wait To Get Legal Help

If you've been hurt on someone else's property, don't wait too long before seeking legal help; you could miss the opportunity to recover some of your losses.

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Bad things can and do happen to innocent people. If you've been injured on someone else's property, contact the Rocky Wilkins Law Firm for a free case evaluation.

When Catastrophe Strikes, Call Rocky.

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